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On November 2015, according to the years of research in University of Illinois scientist demonstrated that lycopene, the red bioactive pigment found in tomatoes, reduces the growth of prostate tumors in variety of animals. So far, the scientist were unable to understand the trace of lycopene’s metabolism in the human body.

The team of researchers found that tomato plant biofactories can embrace heavier carbon atoms which converts into the phytochemicals which fights cancer, which can be utilized to trace their movement in the human body. This process allowed the researchers to study metabolism of lycopene in human body.

The scientists showed that when consumed lycopene it undergoes a change in its chemical structure that potentially impacts health. The results showcase the novel information about absorption efficiency and how quickly lycopene is lost from the body.

Scientists determined its half-life in the human body and now are able to apprehend the structural changes that occur after the absorption of lycopene. The study appears in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Analyst View:

Due to, shift in trend towards natural and eco-friendly alternatives with regulations promoting this trend, there is a real threat of internal substitution for conventional carotenoids.

Thus, in the near future, there will be high growth potential for new natural and organic and cost effective carotenoids which will not only influence perception of the consumers but will also impart health benefits.

In the future, these new techniques could help researchers to understand how lycopene reduces the risk of prostate cancer and severity.  They will be capable to develop evidence-based dietary recommendations for prostate cancer prevention


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