Absorb Health Expands Its Existing Product Portfolio With The Inclusion Of Several New Supplements

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On Sep 2015, Absorb Health company which is located in Southport, North Carolina. It is a natural skin care and dietary supplement company. It has recently added several new supplements to its existing product portfolio. The new product line includes Liposomal Vitamin C, a Noopept supplement and an Adrafinil supplement among others.

According to the company this newly launched supplement Adrafinil will help people to maintain their mental focus without the jittery feeling. It will also increase the exploratory behaviour as well as alertness in animals. It is also likely to boost the speed of learning and will reduce the number of errors while doing certain tasks.

The new product Liposomal Vitamin C, it is made of nano sized particles which make them highly absorbable and with ease will enter into the human system faster than any traditional Vitamin C to cure cold and flu.

Another new supplement which is gaining lots of attention of the consumers is called as Noopept.  It is available in powder and capsule form and is 1000 time more effective than Piracetam.

Analyst View:

These new products launches will help Absorb Health to meet the rising demand of the consumer who wants to improve their overall health or mental alertness in a natural way. Moreover to promote sales and to ensure the customers about the products the company has provided with money back guarantee on its products. This will enhance the customer base of the company and will provide insurance to the buyers about the reliability of the product. The company also provides free domestic shipping on all products and the ordered products are boxed and send out within a day.


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