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BASF Increases Its Vitamin A Production Volumes By 25%

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On Jan 2015, BASF Germany-based chemical company increases its production volumes by 25% for water soluble vitamin A. The company is listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and Zurich Stock Exchange. The BASF product portfolio includes a broad range of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. The company also offers vitamins such as B2, E, K1, A/D3, D3, B5, and Choline Chloride. The company has expanded the production in an existing plant in Ludwigshafen, which is located in Germany, which is also part of BASF’s Citral Verbund. BASF this action is taken to meet the rising demand for its vitamin A products, globally as well as regionally. This additional capacity was effective immediately. Vitamin A is widely used in personal care, human nutrition and in animal feed industry. It is a vital fat soluble micronutrient. It supports various functions of the lungs, skin and eyes. It also helps in preventing growth disorders and supports skeletal development. Vitamin A in used animal feed for all companion and livestock animals.

Analyst View:

This move of the company will help to meet the rising demand of Vitamin A products from all the end user industry regionally as well as globally. This strategy will also help BASF to maintain its dominance in the overall market and also to increase its market presences. BASF with the vitamin portfolio are the market leaders in supply reliability and high quality: The Company’s vitamin A stands out thanks to exceptional product stability and bio-availability. Vitamin A, in human nutrition is used to fortify foods and beverages and it is also used as supplements. In animal feed it is the most common source of dry feed to improve various deficiencies in livestock animals. This move also showcases the commitment of the company towards the overall vitamins market growth.


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