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Introduction to the Ground Power Unit Market

  • An aircraft’s ground power unit is a necessary piece of ground support equipment. It is used to assist an aircraft’s operations in between trips. When a parked aircraft is preparing for the next departure, a ground power unit normally delivers DC and AC power.
  • Depending on their accessibility to give electricity to their parked aircraft, airline operators can either own or subcontract these units from handling agencies, airports, or other airlines.
  • While the aircraft is on the ramp or in the hangar, the ground power unit assists with starting engines, providing general onboard power, and performing maintenance. It aids in saving more expensive airplane fuel by delivering needed power that would otherwise be provided by the aircraft engine when on the ground.
  • Ground power units can be skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, or self-propelled, and they can run on either diesel or gasoline. They may also give the appropriate power to an airplane in a hangar using a single-phase or three-phase input voltage.

Major Drivers of Ground Power Unit Market

• One of the global ground power unit market drivers is the increase in demand for international aviation travel. The international tourist industry’s rapid rise has increased the number of travelers worldwide. Increased spending power and disposable income, particularly in developing countries like China and India, have increased foreign tourists from these countries. Europe or Southeast Asia is the most popular tourist location for these visitors.

• These passengers prefer air travel to other modes of transportation, including marine, owing to the shorter journey time and superior comfort of air travel over other modes of transportation. It has increased international aviation travel, resulting in a higher need for aircraft and their support units. As a result, demand for ground power units is expected to rise around the world.

• An increase in freight activity is also an important market driver. To attract more consumers, courier and cargo firms spend heavily on air transportation to expand their reach and boost delivery speed. To sustain their aircraft fleet, they will need to hire or invest in ground support equipment. It is also expected to boost demand for ground power units around the world.

• Another major market driver is the expansion of the domestic aviation industry in developing countries. Domestic aviation in nations like India and China has been growing at a healthy rate. People prefer air travel to trains and other modes of transportation, owing to time restrictions. Affordability of flights and increased per capita income are other important factors in the domestic aviation sector’s rise. It has resulted in shorter domestic flight turnaround times and greater travel frequency, resulting in a demand for more ground support equipment, such as ground power units, to accommodate the increased number of planes at a given time.

Airlines’ high CAPEX and OPEX will restrain the global ground power unit market.

• The airline industry is recognized for its high CAPEX and OPEX expenditures all over the world. Purchasing new planes necessitates a hefty CAPEX outlay. Airlines have a high cost of operation and maintenance, making their OPEX one of the highest in the service industry. Airlines are one of the most expensive ways of transportation due to their high OPEX. It could harm the aviation industry, hampering the ground power unit market shortly.

The global ground power unit market is expected to be dominated by North America.

• During the projected period, North America is likely to dominate the global ground power unit market. The Asia Pacific is expected to come in second. North America’s dominance can be attributed to the region’s vast fleet of commercial and general aviation aircraft, as well as high air traffic.

• The ground power unit market in the Asia Pacific is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period, owing to the region’s significant growth in the international and domestic aviation sectors, particularly in developing nations like India and China.

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