Juice Press Expand Its Product Portfolio By The Launch Of Vitamin D3 Tablets

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On June, 2015 Juice Press leading retailer in organic food & beverages and wellness specialty has launch its new product, of Vitamin D3 tablets. This launch is the latest   addition to the quickly growing proprietary line of nutraceuticals which are offered by various retailers. This product is differentiated from the others in the market as it does not contain any chemicals and inactive ingredients. This product is marketed under the trademarked name ProViotic and is the first kind of vegan probiotic and the second a ginger and Vitamin C sucker which is trademarked under the name of Ginger Fireball.

This supplement is made using only three transparent ingredients such as Lichen which is the source of vegan Vitamin D3; Chamomile Extract and Chicory Extract which is a well-known probiotic. According to the company policy this product also neither contains extra oil nor stabilizers which are generally found in the other supplements. One tablet Juice Press contains 2,000 IU amount of Vitamin D3, this form of Vitamin D is the best for extreme absorption, which compares very positively with others on the market.  In the end of 2015 the company is also planning to reach 30 stores. The company is planning to include their first store outside of the New York Metropolitan area, in the Boston region. Dr. Green’s new Vitamin D3 tablets are available on the company’s online portal and in stores also.

Analyst View:
This product helped the company to launch its high quality nutraceuticals line and will deliver transparency, reliability and simplicity. This tablets also complements the company’s already existing product line will help to increase its product portfolio. This will also help to increase the customer base of the company with the help of reaching out to clients who believes in having vegan products. This is dedicated to people using organic ingredients and products. Moreover these are freshly made cold pressed juices made on daily bases with high standards.  Almost all the options in the menu are available and shipped around the globe.


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