Kemins Receives Approval For ZeaONE – A Naturally Sourced Zeaxanthin By ANVISA

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On February 2016, Kemin announced the approval for sale of its product ZeaONE zeaxanthin by the Brazil’s national Health Surveillance Agency, ANVISA. This approval allows the company to immediately begin the marketing of its ZeaONE product in Brazil. ZeaONE is a dietary free form of zeaxanthin ingredient sourced naturally from marigolds produced by the company.

Zeaxanthin is just like lutein and acts as a protective antioxidants and filter of blue light in the skin and eye. Scientific evidence also shows that diets containing zeanxanthin and lutein helps to keep the skin healthy, reduces the risk of certain eye conditions and enhances the visual performance.

Obtained from the exclusively patented line of marigolds which is specially licensed to the company Kemin the zeaxanthin in ZeaONE contains naturally the high levels of zeaxanthin (3’R zeaxanthin & 3R) found in vegetables and fruits in the human diet. Commercially, zeaxanthin ZeaONE is available under the brand name of DSM’s OPTISHARP Natural.

Analyst View:
Due to rising awareness about the effects and consequences of synthetic ingredients consumer preference is shifting towards natural ingredients. The manufactures are also seeking new ways to reformulate their products to meet the rising demand of natural ingredients product.  Zeaxanthin ZeaONE by Kemin possess huge market potential.  Along with the patent marigold seeds, brand name of Kemin associated with it, highly controlled supply chain management, naturally sourced Zeaxanthin offers the customers an exceptional quality and services.


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