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On Sep 2015, Simply Organic launched its hair care product Oway. It is the world’s first professional product line with organic, biodynamic and fair trade ingredients. Oway color and products are made from biodynamic extracts and essential oils, from plants that are grown in accordance with principles of harmony between man and nature. This farm-to-chair approach assures that not only the best ingredients are being used, but that they are being grown in an ethical manner, which is important to the quality and use.

The company introduce Hsystem, a holistic color line and hair care. Oway Hcolor is flaunted for its combination of extremely rich pigments and safe results, which is the perfect coverage for grey hair. This color line is infused with biodynamic organic perilla oil, hibiscus extract, cotton proteins and ethical date oil. Hbleach is the first ammonia-free bleach in a cream butter consistency, and is enriched with biodynamic organic perilla oil, lavender oil and burkinafaso fair-trade date oil. It scent is neutral and also produces streak-free lightening.

On the other hand, Hnectar is the product lines who are looking for delicate, bright and safe results, through a fusion of hair lifting and color. This color contains organic mallow nectar, biodynamic elderberry nectar, ethically-obtained yerba mate, and papamiel nectar. Hsystem product is not just concerned with color, but also with the overall wellness of hair by integrating pre- and post-color treatments. In addition to styling products, it also offers a comprehensive assortment of hair and scalp treatments. Oway has complete package of product line to cure issue from scalp to hair regeneration and from heat protection to strand nourishment. The packaging for Oway’s is also environmentally-friendly. And, the packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable.

Analyst Approach:
This announcement will make the company to reap the benefits of first mover advantage. Being first it will allow the company to acquire customer loyalty and brand recognition. It will also give time to Simply Organic to perfect its product and services. In addition, the utmost part of this hair system is its wide and complete range of products that will help the company toward benefiting and acquiring extensive customer base.


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