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Global cold compression devices market is expected to grow at a stable pace with a 4.8% CAGR

The latest market report published by Credence Research, Inc. “Global Cold Compression Devices Market - Growth, Future Prospects, Competitive Analysis, 2018 - 2026,” the global cold compression devices market is set to expand at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2018 to 2026.

Browse the full report Cold Compression Devices Market - Growth, Future Prospects, Competitive Analysis, 2018 – 2026 report at https://www.credenceresearch.com/report/cold-compression-devices-market 

Market Insights :

Cold compression therapy is a mixture of cryotherapy and static pressure, which is widely used for the treatment of pain and inflammation occurring during muscle spasm, fracture, sprain, strain and soft tissue damage etc. It promotes the draining of edema through the lymphatic system by causing vasoconstriction at the site of injury. Research studies have identified the occurrence of hunting reaction during application of cold compression therapy which is helpful in slowing cell death and limiting tissue damage in accident and trauma conditions.

Pads and wraps are reigning the product segment for cold compression devices market. Due to large surface area and custom made joint fitting both these products promote effective vasoconstriction and excellent reduction in swelling, edema and pain. Gels and sprays employed in cold therapy are helpful in deep tissue penetration of topical analgesics resulting in decreased nerve velocity and numbing of pain.

Hospitals and clinics are currently dominating the end-user segment for cold compression devices market. Increasing demand for pain relieving sessions and affordable reimbursement scenario for patients opting pain management and treatment for acute injuries. Sport management is undergoing tremendous change with increasing number of young aspiring athletes arduously competing to enhance performance and gain prominent recognition in their respective sporting events. Stringent competition frequently results in soft tissue injuries which needs to be addressed immediately.

North America is currently leading the geographical segment for cold compression devices market. Major factors responsible for its overwhelming growth are increasing cases of domestic trauma and accidents. As per the latest research citing of Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), annually 3.2 million U.S. citizens of age group 5 to 14 years suffer with sports injury. Existence of market leaders such as DJO Global, Breg, Inc. 3M Healthcare etc. cater to the pain therapy and management requirement in North America region. Europe market is flourishing on account of its increasing geriatric population and increasing number of patients opting for post-surgery pain management. Asia Pacific will be the fastest growing market during the forecast period 2018 to 2026 owing to the rapidly growing physiotherapy clinics specializing in pain management. Sport science is growing at a rapid pace with aspiring athletes competing diligently to enhance their performance often resulting in soft tissue injuries with swelling and excruciating pain.

Medical device manufacturers providing cold compression devices are Breg, Inc., Bio Compression Systems, Inc., DJO Global, Inc., Hyperice, Inc., 3M Healthcare, Kinetic Medical Products UK., Ltd., Ossur Global, Polar Products, Inc. and Thermotek.

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