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Global warming and Water Scarcity Ignited the Growth in Rainwater Harvesting Market

According to a new market research report published by Credence Research “Rainwater Harvesting Market (by Harvesting Method: Surface-based Harvesting and Roof-based Harvesting; by End-user: Residential, Commercial and Industrial) - Growth, Future Prospects, and Competitive Landscape, 2018-2026”, the rainwater harvesting market registered market value of US$ 1.35 Bn in 2017 and estimated to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026.

The complete report is available at https://www.credenceresearch.com/report/rainwater-harvesting-market

Market Insights:

Water crises across the globe are becoming a common phenomenon with every passing day. With limited water resources, access to fresh water is shirking as a monstrous rate and the shrinking needs to be curtailed for the whole human existence. One of the most effective avenues to tackle water scarcity issues is to harvest excess water such as rainwater which otherwise washes away down the channels and rivers. This sense of water conservation or harvesting has ignited the much-needed encouragement for the global rainwater harvesting market. The encouragement with respect to water harvesting opened new opportunity doors for several companies to develop more effective systems for rainwater harvesting. Consequently, rainwater harvesting market is a bright prospect to invest both in terms of capital and environmental benefits.

Government and environmental organizations are working on different plans of action in parallel to prevent further detrition of the planet. Several encouragement schemes such as subsidized program and incentive schemes for industries have been operated in order to encourage the adoption of rainwater harvesting systems across the globe. This has also stimulated the demand for rainwater harvesting systems and the market is expected to grow at a considerable scale across different end-users in coming years.

Rainwater Harvesting Market

Competitive Insights:

The research analysis covers exhaustive analysis of leading rainwater harvesting companies including Climate Inc., D&D Ecotech Services, Graf Group, Heritage Tanks, Innovative Water Solutions LLC, Kingspan Group, Rain Harvesting Supplies, Inc., Rain Harvesting Supplies, Inc., Stormsaver Ltd., The Gulf Islands Rainwater Connection Ltd., Watts Water Technologies, Inc., WISY AG, and Water Field Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In broad terms, rainwater harvesting is a fragmented market with number of players competing with each other for their market share. However, the market is still in its nascent stage of development and has the power to provide several growth opportunities for new companies entering to market. The companies need to keep themselves on their toes to explore and uncover new techniques of rainwater harvesting. With rapid adverse changes in environment and fast depleting water sources, the companies have several opportunities to grab and need to capitalize on these opportunities to stay competitive in the market.

Key Analysis Covered:

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