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In a bid to offer quality competitive intelligence, Credence Research takes into account the entire gamut of the concerned ecosystem/value chain. Our ‘Competitor Intelligence Store’ provide clients with a detailed, accurate, and unbiased understanding of the degree of competition and company positioning in the particular market. Over the years Credence Research has developed a huge repository of information with respect to competitor landscape across different markets for different verticals. Our ‘Competitor Intelligence Store’ provides consultation for four major facets of competitive intelligence, thereby enabling companies take precise business decisions and identify prerequisites for profitable business outcomes. The four major facets of competitive intelligence offered by Credence Research are as shown in the figure below:

Competitor Intelligence Store

 Competitor Mapping:

We help our customers identify key business USPs of all participants across the ecosystem with the help of our reliable and verified competitor database by mapping them relatively with respect to business strength and product offering.

Company Benchmarking:

Our company benchmarking services help client customers gain an accurate standpoint on their position with respect to competitors. Our company benchmarking facet covers the full gamut of the concerned ecosystem/value chain – from component suppliers, vendors, technology providers to delivery and supply chain.

Performance GAP Analysis:

We help our business customers to identify their performance differences with respect to competitor performances, thereby helping them to refine primary improvement areas.

Strategy Refinement:

Our accurate competitor intelligence analysis and supporting information in Competitor Intelligence Store helps our clients in enhancing their business strategies.