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The installed base of medical devices is a size of the number of total units of a product or service that are essentially in use, especially in the end-user segment, mainly in hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, or other emergency care centers. This scenario is also measured using the total number of units that have been sold within a particular timeframe or within a year. At credence research, we utilize a range of methodologies – qualitative and quantitative approach and cutting-edge data modeling approach – to obtain data for our clients. The global medical devices and instrument industry is experiencing pressure to offer medical services and therapeutic help to patients at moderate costs, on account of the developing challenge and innovative progressions in the healthcare market. One of the variables that have expanded the degree of market rivalry is the consistently changing shopper needs and desires from the industry players along with the entry with new small scale players from the emerging nations.

Credence Research statistical surveying administrations & services, in blend with its databases of capital equipment and standalone devices with chose modalities, give customers important help with vital planning, new product development, and new sales activities. Huge sample sizes help guarantee the exactness of information and certainty for business planning. Focused areas in the current scenario also include: innovative surgical interventions, ingenious diagnosis and imaging, Assistive care and therapy services, drug delivery and patient monitoring.

The evolving value chain includes:

Installed Base Scenario