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The significance of fruitful product launch in the medical device industry can’t be overestimated. A year’s deferral consistently costs huge net income loss. Overall competition and pricing pressure in the medical device industry lead to a successful launch of new products even more critical to attaining competitive advantage. The global medical device industry is very dynamic. Variations and constant modifications can be seen consistently along with technology advancement. New untapped markets and opportunities arise, as do risks and uncertainties. Currently, value-based services and global pricing or reimbursement pressures are producing solid headwinds, while the emergence of new products and the demand for efficient and effective products are assisting fuel overall medical device business growth internationally.

We are a research consulting group, with a group devoted exclusively to serving the medical device industry. We have area specialists and pioneers in the business, with many years of experience and foundation. Joined with our statistical surveying and knowledge-based resources, our yield originates from coordinating information, learning, and integrated data.

Our competency incorporates commercial brand value analysis, innovation, new product development, sales, pricing, and administration. We have delivered successful projects in launching new products, investigating existing markets, and enhanced decision making.  Credence Research expertise spans interventional devices, monitoring systems, artificial intelligence, diagnostic imaging, healthcare IT infrastructure, etc. Our extensiveness stretches from the Asia Pacific to Europe to the North Americas.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis include:

New Product Launches (Medical Devices)