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Who we are

Credence Research is a viable intelligence and market research platform that provides quantitative B2B research to more than 2000 clients worldwide and is built on the Give principle. The company is a market research and consulting firm serving governments, non-legislative associations, non-profit organizations, and various organizations worldwide. We help our clients improve their execution in a lasting way and understand their most imperative objectives.

  • Credence Research is a global company with more than 15 research consultants and nearly 100 research and information professionals.
  • Our clients reflect our global nature. About 45% are in Europe, 30% in the Americas, 13% in the Asia Pacific, and 12% in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Our company aims to work as a whole. We are an isolated global research organization with a solid portfolio of qualities focused on client impact.

What we do

Credence Research is an alternative to growth consulting and project management, leveraging human-machine services to drive extraordinary growth for progressive organizations in the B2B space. We have the broadest view of emerging technologies, enabling us to co-create exceptional growth for our clients.

As a trusted advisors to top management or a practical mentor to frontline representatives, we serve clients at all levels of their organization, no matter how helpful we can be. We gather a group with the most appropriate experience and abilities for each participation. Whatever the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and lasting results and preparing our clients for development and leadership. We work with our clients to put recommendations into practice.

Our research experts work directly with clients on a long-term basis to develop workforce capabilities, drive operational change and apply new work strategies. We provide market intelligence research, ensuring relevant and fact-based research across various industries, including energy, healthcare and technology, chemicals and materials. With an in-depth understanding of many business environments, Credence Research provides strategic targeting insights.

The B2B economy has seen the emergence of $25 trillion in new revenue streams replacing existing ones in this decade alone. We partner with our clients to develop growth plans to help them monetize this opportunity through our five service lines:

  • Customer Support
  • Go-To-Market Strategy to Execution
  • Market Share Gains
  • Total Addressable Market Expansion
  • Thought Leadership Marketing

Our market intelligence integrates our research to facilitate interconnect analysis through applications that help clients view the entire ecosystem and understand revenue changes occurring in their industries.

What makes us different?


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