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With a team of experienced professionals and access to an intelligence center, Credence Research has developed a repository of over 5,000 market research reports across multiple domains and sub-domains for different geographic regions. In a bid to fulfill the customized research needs of our clients, Credence Research offers subscription plans on-demand. The pricing model of subscription plans is flexible and dependent on Pay what you want model i.e. clients are required to pay for only the requisite information and not the complete standard report. The subscription model is designed in the wake of increasing customized research requirements of clients. Like with our other services, the subscription model provides 24*7 access to subscribed databases and further personalization/modification/update of service provided as and when required. Key features of subscription plans offered by Credence Research are as shown in the figure below:

Subscriptions Services

Credence Research has a client base of over 200 fortune 500 companies, 35% of which have subscribed to our different subscription plans. With continual research based on our exclusive research methodology, we have been able to update our repository of reports across multiple industry domains every year. As a part of customer service, we also provide our customers/subscribers with post-sale support and annual updates on the subscribed market/markets over the next 2 years. In addition, as a token of gratitude for choosing our subscription plans, we offer value-added services in the form of consulting to help businesses/clients realize their transformation potential.

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