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 a)  Data Consulting

Credence Research is renowned for offering consulting services, wherein our Analysts with over 10 years of experience in specific domains analyze market dynamics and business requirements of clients to offer them data consulting services in form of ‘database as a solution’. The methodology adopted is as follows:

· Understanding data requirement: Analyze the business problem from 360o

· Database planning: Help the client to plan and develop the database by advising them the requisite measures

· Requisite data collection: Offer clients with the sources and assumptions required for developing a database

· Database designing: Develop the database framework by developing prototypical templates

Data Consulting

b)  Data Analytics

Credence Research offers data analysis using statistical techniques, tools and compile it in the form of reports and dashboards. Different facets provided under this service include:

· Data Exploration: With respect to requirements stated by our clients, mining of data facts is carried out

· Data Regularization:  Repetitive data is eliminated to improve data integrity

·  Statistical Analysis: Use of statistical analysis modeling such as Regression & Correlation Models, T-test, Chi-square test, and Time Series Analysis

· Data Validation: Rectification and deletion of vague and irrelevant data assembled during the above-mentioned phases is carried out

· Report & Dashboards: Help clients with market snapshots and in-depth insights based on our data analytics expertise and aforementioned facets

Data Analytics