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The pharmaceutical market is experiencing rapid growth due to continuous introduction of novel drugs in the market. The drug pipeline these days are deep and comprises the number of drugs focusing on various diseases. When these drugs initiate their journey through the pipeline, key focus is on how compelling is the clinical data as it would help to achieve regulatory approval. However, post-approval commercialization is also one of an integral part for a company because the perfect product placement decides the future of that drug. A common scenario observed in case of a few companies which failed to maintain the sustainable market position with its new products comprises commercialization drawbacks such as shallow competitive intelligence, inappropriate value proposition, and execution strategy failures. Hence, Credence Research plays important part in assisting its clients to achieve that ideal path of drug commercialization in the dynamic global platform. The factors that should be focused on priority are understanding the complete patient experience, market awareness & conditioning, focusing on targeted stakeholders, providing wrap-around services to connect with patients and overcoming accessibility & availability related complexities. We have team experts who assist our clients in designing a long-term and strong drug commercialization strategy.

The three services broadly related to drug commercialization that we provide our clients are as follows:

  • Evaluation & Forecasting of Commercial Potential for a Drug
  • Assistance to Enhance Clinical Development
  • Marketing Plans & Product Launch Preparations


Drug Commercialization Strategies