In-display Fingerprint Sensors Market By Sensing Technology Type (Optical In-display Fingerprint Sensor, Ultrasonic In-display Fingerprint Sensor and Capacitive In-display Fingerprint Sensor) – Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2019 - 2027

Continued Emphasis on Biometric Authentication Techniques to Bolster the Demand for In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

The market for in-display fingerprint sensors reached a value of US$ 672.7 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at a promising rate from 2019 to 2027.

Biometric authentication techniques for user authentication are more secure and easier to use than a typed password. Among the technologies available, fingerprint sensing strikes the sweet spot through convenience and security.

Instead of remembering a strong password, biometric identification techniques enable users to swipe a finger for identity authentication. Approximately 50% of smartphone shipments will have an in-display fingerprint sensor by 2020.

In-display fingerprint scanners are more than just a gimmick to unlock the phone; they also conveniently authorize money transactions with a swipe of the finger. With a growing array of application areas, in-display fingerprint sensors are expected to witness promising demand across the forecast period.

Market Synopsis

Capacitive In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Accounted for the Lion Share of the Overall Market

In 2018, capacitive in-display fingerprint sensors dominated the overall in-display fingerprint sensor market. Due to their low cost and compact size, capacitive in-display fingerprint sensors are one of the most commonly found technologies in the latest smartphones.

Capacitive fingerprint sensors gather fingerprint images by measuring the difference in capacitance across the fingerprint ridges and valleys and the sensor.

Capacitors enable the storage of electrical charge by connecting up to conductive plates on the surface of the scanner, which allows it to be used to track the details of a fingerprint.

The result of these sensors is non-replicable with any image and is incredibly tough to fool with prosthetics, as different materials record different changes in charge at the capacitor. With growing advancements in capacitive technology, the segment is expected to grow at a promising rate across the forecast period.

Asia Pacific to Emerge as the Fastest Growing Regional Market

Presently, Asia Pacific is growing at a higher rate and is expected to retain its position across the forecast period. Market growth here is mainly propelled by the rapidly increasing number of smartphone users across the region. In 2018, overall smartphone penetration in Asia Pacific reached 35.7%, up from 29.5% in 2016.

It is further expected to hit 43.2% penetration in 2021, accounting for 1.85 billion smartphone users. Similarly, internet penetration across the total population is driving the demand for advanced smartphones.

In 2018, internet penetration accounted for 88.1% of South Korea, 83.3% of Taiwan, and 81.6% of Japan. High demand for smartphones is subsequently expected to drive the growth of in-display fingerprint sensors across the region.

Some of the major players profiled in the report include Qualcomm Inc., Fingerprint Cards AB, Fortsense, Synaptics, Goodix Technology, Egis Technology Inc., SecuGen Corporation, Touch Biometrix Ltd., Suprema, and NEC Corporation, among others.

Periods of History and Forecast

This research report presents the analysis of each segment from 2017 to 2027,considering 2018 as the base year for the research. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for each of the respective segments is calculated for the forecast period from 2019 to 2027.

Report Scope by Segments

The in-display fingerprint sensors market report provides market size and estimates based on market dynamics and key trends observed in the industry. The report provides a holistic view of the global in-display fingerprint sensor market based on sensing technology and geography. Key segments covered in the report are as follows:

Key questions are answered in this report.

  • What was the market size of in-display fingerprint sensors in 2018, and what is the forecast up to 2027?
  • Which is the largest regional market for in-display fingerprint sensors?
  • What are the key market trends observed in the in-display fingerprint sensor market and the outlook for the fingerprint sensor market?
  • Which is the most promising sensing technology in the in-display fingerprint sensor market?
  • Who are the key players leading the in-display fingerprint sensor market?
  • What are the key strategies adopted by the leading players in the market?
  • What are the technology trends across different geographies and sub-geographies?

Frequently Asked Question:

The market for In-display Fingerprint Sensors Market is expected to reach USD$ 672.7 Mn in 2027.

The In-display Fingerprint Sensors Market is expected to see significant CAGR growth over the coming years, at XX%.

The report is forecasted from 2019 -2027.

The base year of this report is 2018.

Fortsense, Synaptics, Goodix Technology, Egis Technology Inc., SecuGen Corporation, Touch Biometrix Ltd. are some of the major players in the global market.

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