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Lambda Cyhalothrin Market By Type (Capsule Suspensions, Emulsifiable Concentrate, Suspension Concentrate, Liquid) By Application (Homes & Gardens, Public Health, Agriculture, Others): Growth, Future Prospects, and Competitive Analysis, 2015 - 2027

Market Insights

Lambda-Cyhalothrin is a very efficient insecticide that belongs to pyrethroids. It has been proved very effective in irradicating insects. It is a two-way insecticide wherein the synthetic pyrethroid works either by ingestion or contact. Lambda-Cyhalothrin destroys insects by disrupting and weakening their central nervous system, similar to other pyrethroids. This causes the insect nerve cells to become excited, causing them to paralyze. The insect dies of malnutrition due to being paralyzed and unable to perform its normal bodily functions. The poison is easily spreadable and has been known to destroy an entire colony of target insects. The demand for Lambda Cyhalothrin is expected to register a CAGR of over 14% during the forecast period. The market size is likely to cross USD 3,800 million by 2027 from USD 1,250 million in 2020.

Global Lambda Cyhalothrin Market

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Rising Demand for Food Grains and the Need to Increase Crop Yield

Insecticides are poised to play a pivotal role in increasing crop yield around the world. Without insecticides, the global crop yield can plung by over 20%. According to the latest field survey conducted by Crop Protection Research Institutes, the U.S. alone has witnessed an increase in crop yield value by over USD 20 billion per year. Lambda Cyhalothrin is one of the most widely used broad-spectrum insecticides. United States, China, India, etc., are leading consumption as well as production of Lambda Cyhalothrin. Similarly, increasing demand for Lambda Cyhalothrin can be attributed to growing awareness among farmers regarding the use of insecticides across the world. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Germany, Russia, etc., are leading consumers of Lambda Cyhalothrin due to increasing land under cultivation.  

No Significant Impact of COVID 19

COVID 19 had very little impact on the growth of Lambda Cyhalothrin as there were no sanctions on agricultural activities amidst the lockdown imposed by many countries across the world. Moreover, Lambda Cyhalothrin is also used in residential insecticides, and hence there was no drop in demand for the same. However, the production of Lambda Cyhalothrin was impacted to some extent due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Broad Spectrum Applications of Lambda Cyhalothrin

Despite being restricted use of insecticide, Lambda Cyhalothrin finds a wide range of applications across the agriculture, residential, and horticulture industry. Lambda Cyhalothrin is primarily used to control crops' insects such as aphids, beetle pests, and caterpillars. Moreover, its also used in residential applications to control mosquitoes and cockroaches. 

Increasing Adoption as an Effective Alternative to Organophosphates

The widespread use of pyrethroids in agriculture and the residential sector is a major driver of market development. Farmers all over the world are adopting novel farming practices to increase yield in the face of a rising population and shrinking farmland. As a result, pyrethroids are commonly used in agriculture and related industries. Also, they are a more cost-effective alternative to currently used insecticides. In order to cope with synthetic alternatives, manufacturers are concentrating on improving pyrethroid development and distribution. These insecticides are replacing organophosphates, traditionally used on vegetables, since they are less harmful to mammals and birds.

Stringent Environmental Regulations to Hold Back Growth Rate

Lambda Cyhalothrin is a restricted insecticide and should be strictly used or applied to adhere to labeling, and its possession must be limited to the user at the time. Although it has not been carcinogenic, there are strict residue limits in place for Lambda Cyhalothrin. This, in turn, is expected to limit the growth of Lambda Cyhalothrin. 

Lambda Cyhalothrin Consumption to Remain High in North America

North America was the highest consuming country for Lambda Cyhalothrin in 2020. As a result, North America held the largest market share in total revenue generation in the Lambda Cyhalothrin industry in 2020. Lambda Cyhalothrin is very effective in controlling the growth of elimination of some of the toughest insects in the world. Lambda Cyhalothrin is not only effective but also one of the most economical insecticides available on the market. Lambda Cyhalothrin is increasingly used to control insects' growth in wide-ranging crops such as cotton, potatoes, cereals, vegetables, etc. The United States, with its huge arable land and increasing area under crops, is driving the demand for Lambda Cyhalothrin. The Asia Pacific is also one of the leading markets for Lambda Cyhalothrin, backed by strong demand from China and India. With China and India's lowest average land holding rate, there is always a need for improved yield per hectare. With a growing population, the demand for food grains is on the rise in these countries, and hence farmers are striving to increase crop production by effectively controlling insects. Europe and Latin America are also important application markets for Lambda Cyhalothrin.    

Emulsifiable Concentrates are Growing in Popularity

Capsule Suspensions, Emulsifiable Concentrate, Suspension Concentrate, and Liquid are the types of Lambda Cyhalothrin. In 2020, Emulsifiable Concentrates accounted for the largest share of the Lambda Cyhalothrin market with over 35% share of total revenue generated by the global Lambda Cyhalothrin industry 2020. However, Liquid Application is anticipated to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. Emulsifiable Concentrate of Lambda Cyhalothrin is easy to use, mix and make formulations, hence growing in popularity among Applications.

Agriculture to Remain at Center of Demand for Lambda Cyhalothrin 

Homes & Gardens, Public Health, Agriculture, and Others are some of the major applications of Lambda Cyhalothrin. The agriculture segment accounted for the largest share in 2020 of the Lambda Cyhalothrin market. This owes to the growing population and their awareness of healthier choices. Lambda Cyhalothrin is widely used to control caterpillars, beetle pests, and aphids. Its widely used to control insects on crops such as cereals, potatoes, vegetables, cotton, etc. Hence, demand for Lambda Cyhalothrin is growing in the agriculture industry.

In the light of the growing demand for Lambda Cyhalothrin, key players are focusing on the expansion of their manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, as COVID 19 disrupted the supply chain of raw materials for crop protection chemical manufacturers, the ley players are focusing on entering into active ingredient manufacturing to lower the dependence on China. For instance, Insecticides India Limited has decided to manufacture Lambda Cyhalothrin on their own in India to lower the reliance on Chinese vendors.

Frequently asked questions about global Lambda Cyhalothrin industry

BASF SE, Marrone Bio Innovations, Biostadt India Limited, Agromonti Company, Hamlung Chemicals Co Ltd, Nufarm Ltd., Jiangsu Xinnuo Chemicals Co Ltd, Fengshan Group and Jiangsu Huangma Agrochemicals Co Ltd. are the key players operating in this market.

Agriculture application is expected to rise in its market share over the forecast period on the account of increasing applications across various crops and insects

North America has the largest share owing to various developments happening in this space

The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 14.1% throughout the forecast period

Rise in Global Food Consumption and High Stability in Sunlight & Less Quantity Required for Insect Control are some of the key driving factors propelling the growth of this market

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