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Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophage (CAR-M) Immunotherapy – Pipeline Insights, Recent Developments, Major Players and Review

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Market Insights

Immunotherapy and customized medications are gaining higher traction in the medical field and taking center stage in cancer treatment. CAR-M therapy, or chimeric antigen receptor M-cell therapy, has sparked much interest in this subject because it has revolutionized cancer treatment. The chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) has emerged as a viable strategy for improving immune cells’ cancer identification capacity. CAR-core M’s components, like CAR-T’s, have an extracellular domain that allows a single-chain variable fragment to recognize it.

CAR-M therapy works similarly to CAR-T treatment. The patient’s blood macrophages/monocytes are extracted, and the cells are genetically modified to insert foreign DNA, producing a chimeric antigen receptor on the macrophage surface. Following the production of the receptor, macrophages are injected into the patient, where the chimeric receptor-containing cells can attack cancer cells. These chimeric receptors recognize the antigen on cancer cells and phagocytize them, thereby killing them.

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Report Key Takeaways

Recommended Medications/Treatments for Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophage (CAR-M) Immunotherapy

  • Researchers believe CAR macrophages are better at invading and surviving in solid tumors than CAR T cells. CAR macrophages kill cancer cells by engulfing them. They also digest the ingested cells to improve the immune response, which explains why CAR macrophage therapy includes immunotherapy.
  • Following the production of the receptor, macrophages are injected into the patient, where the chimeric receptor-containing cells can attack cancer cells. These chimeric receptors recognize the antigen on cancer cells and phagocytize them, thereby killing them.
  • The macrophage will operate as an antigen-presenting cell (APC) after it has been killed, displaying pieces of cancer cells that activate T-cells.
  • Macrophages are naturally resistant to viral transduction; altering their DNA is a big challenge in CAR-M treatment.

Recent Developments Related to Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophage (CAR-M) Immunotherapy

  • For the Phase 1 clinical trial total of 18 patients have been enrolled to assess the safety and efficacy related to the CAR-M therapy CT-0508 during the treatment of HER2-positive malignancies. The patients will be injected with CAR-M cells, and the experiment will run from 2021 to 2023.
  • The clinical trial was conducted with a first-in-human for CAR-M therapy’s tolerability, safety, and feasibility at Penn Medicine. The preliminary findings from this trial have helped to establish the viability of this innovative immunotherapy, which further advances the scientific discovery of CAR T cell therapy.

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Major Players Working on Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophage (CAR-M) Immunotherapy

CARISMA Therapeutics, Novartis, Ziopharm Oncology Inc., Innate Pharma SA, Kite Pharma, Juno Therapeutics, and CARsgen Therapeutics are among the leading companies dominating the pipeline landscape. These companies primarily focus on strategic collaborations and increasing investments to boost their research and development programs.

Key Reasons to Purchase This Report

  • The pipeline insight covers the commercial evaluation and clinical assessment of the pipeline medications for the target disease in a discussion.
  • The pipeline insights provide a more comprehensive outlook of the CAR-M immunotherapy treatments, covering all trial phases for such trea

Frequently Asked Questions

What time span does it take for CAR-M cells to function?

The doctor will check to determine if the CAR M cells function after 3 to 4 months. It’s vital to understand that CAR M cells kill any cells, even normal cells, towards which they’re directed.

What is the success rate for CAR-M immunotherapy?

With no additional treatment, the CAR T-cell therapy success rate is around 30% to 40% for long-term remission.

What are the side effects found after CAR-M immunotherapy?

Patients will be monitored for adverse effects and treatment response during this time. Patients are frequently admitted to the hospital during this time to deal with issues.

Do patients need to be hospitalized for CAR-M immunotherapy?

The conditions for hospitalization vary as per the condition of the patient and the suggestion of the particular healthcare expert. Infusions of CAR M cells can be done safely whether you’re in the hospital or not.

How much does it cost to undergo CAR-M immunotherapy?

The cost associated with CAR-M immunotherapy varies with the location of the hospital and the facilities provided.

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