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On February, 2016, according to the finding published in the Journal of Korean Academy of Family Medicine states that vegetables containing lots of vitamins and beta carotene can lower the stress and help to fight infections.

A study conducted by team of researchers at Daedong hospital in Busan and Seoul National University College of medicine has discovered that consumptions of vegetables are paramount for reducing depression, in parallel to a substantial meat diet which increase the exposure to depression.

The team of researchers categorised the diets of 9,717 adults into three categories: western (meat, carbonated drinks, fried foods, ice cream and instant noodles), Korean (vegetables, seafood and fish) and vegetarian (fruits, grains and vegetables). They then analysed the affiliation among depression and diet.

If the frequency of depression among all the participants is set to be 1, people with western diets displayed a frequency of 1.148. On the contrary, people with vegetarians’ diet displayed a frequency of 0.9, which proposes that eating vegetables can reduce the chances of depression.

According to the researchers, vegetables contain lots of beta carotene and vitamins which lower stress and help in fighting infections, thus reducing cancer. However consumption of meat lowers levels of folic acid and antioxidants, triggering stress levels to rise and making people edgier. Depression is not solely caused by nutrients, but is affected by a wide variety of factors, but vegetarian diet can improve the symptoms.

Analyst View:

Beta carotene is a renowned antioxidant and producer of vitamin A in human body (it’s also the pigment that gives carrots their orange colouring).The health benefits of beta carotene have always been well documented and include decrease level of stress and infections. Due to rising health awareness about the effects and consequences of beta carotene consumption the market growth for beta carotene is projected to witness growth.


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