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Global AIOps Platform Market: Growth, Outlook, and Competitive Analysis, 2018 – 2030” is the most recent market study released by Credence Research, Inc. The global AIOps platform market had revenue of about USD 7.4 billion in 2022, and it is predicted that it will increase at a CAGR of more than 17.9% from 2018 to 2030, reaching about USD 23.4 billion.

Market Overview

AIOps’ adoption within the IT environment is driven predominantly by the need for speed and agility. Furthermore, contemporary machine learning algorithms provide actionable insights based on data collected on the backend. Enterprises are integrating various technologies and reducing the overhead time by automating multiple procedures using the IT data prodigious Human Scale and AIOps; therefore, resource optimization affects market growth. Using machine learning, AIOps automates common IT tasks through intelligent and self-learning algorithms. In addition, behavioral and historical data analytics are used to pinpoint and predict potential problems. By automating various processes, resource optimization allows businesses to integrate various technologies and reduce overhead time, affecting market expansion. Two of these elements are an AIOps platform and IT expertise that exceeds human capacity. As part of a systematic onboarding program, businesses keep 58 employees on for at least three years in the Wynhurst cluster. As a result, machine-controlled business processes expedite and change operations, increasing worker engagement, motivation, and productivity. A successful AIOps platform lowers costs and enables better company operations. In order to implement AIOps successfully, you need to understand where you are now and where you want to go. Too many AIOps initiatives revolve around existing problems and fail to think strategically about reshaping their processes, approach, and organization to meet the new realities of digital business.

Top AIOps Platform Company Profile

1.    Moogsoft

Through the use of machine learning algorithms, Moogsoft Enterprise is one
of the pioneering AI platforms for IT operations. The company improves the
signal-to-noise ratio by reducing and correlating alerts together. Moogsoft’s
AIOps platform indicates the root cause of incidents and enables cross-team
collaboration to resolve incidents more quickly. Moogsoft is here to assist you
with detecting and remediating incidents, ensuring continuous service delivery.
Moogsoft Enterprise gathers raw data from your monitoring system, called
events, and applies machine learning to deduplicate them into alerts using
machine learning. Instead of notifying you each time an alert occurs, Moogsoft
Enterprise analyzes and groups them based on similarity. These groups are called

2.    IBM

IBM (International Business Machines) is a major provider of information
technology (IT) services and products. In addition to producing and selling
system hardware and software, IBM provides infrastructure, hosting, and
consulting services. As part of IBM’s product portfolio, you can find
analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, blockchain, cloud
computing, IT management, cybersecurity, and software development tools. Also
provided by the company are cloud services, networking services, security
services, technology consulting, application services, business resilience
services, and technology support services. The automotive, banking, financial,
and electronics industries, as well as health care, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing,
metals, mining, retail and consumer goods, and telecommunication industries,
are among the industries it serves.

3.    Micro Focus

A technology company, Micro Focus International Plc (Micro Focus), provides
software products, solutions, and services. The company provides and supports
enterprise software solutions. Its products include IBM mainframe application
modernization, portfolio management and analysis, and COBOL software
development tools. In addition to modernizing user interfaces and terminal
emulating, Micro Focus also provides middleware and application servers, source
code management, and services. There are many solutions in Micro Focus’s
portfolio, including application modernization, application delivery
management, IT operations management, CyberRes, and information management and
governance. The company is headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, the UK and has
business operations in Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the Americas.

4.    Vmware

VMware Inc (VMware) provides cloud infrastructures and digital workspaces.
The company develops virtualization technology applications and provides
software maintenance, design, implementation, and training services. The
company offers solutions and services under the following trademarks: VMware,
vRealize, Tanzu, vCloud, Pivotal, Bitnami, Heptio, ESX, VeloCloud, Nyansa,
VMware vSAN, NSX, vCenter, Workspace ONE, Horizon, vMotion, AirWatch,
CloudHealth. In addition to serving the government, education, healthcare,
retail, manufacturing, and financial services industries in the US and
overseas, VMware markets its products and services through its direct sales
force, its third-party distributors, resellers, system vendors, integrators, as
well as the media and analysts.

5.    HCL Technologies Limited

A leading provider of software and infrastructure services, HCL Technologies
Ltd (HCL) provides a broad range of solutions ranging from IT infrastructure
management services to digital processes and operations, cloud-native services,
and cybersecurity services to digital and analytics services. DRYiCE, IoT
works, HCL software services, SIAM/XaaS products and advanced services,
industry software services, and engineering and research & development
services are among the services offered by HCL. The company provides services
to the financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, consumer
packaged goods, media and entertainment industries, life sciences, insurance,
capital markets, banking, mining, natural resources, oil and gas, aerospace and
defense, automotive, chemical and process industries, high-technology,
industrial manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare, travel,
transportation, hospitality and logistics industries.

6.    BMC Software

BMC Software, Inc., is one of the world’s largest developers and vendors of
independent systems software. In addition to producing software for IBM
mainframe computer systems, BMC also produces software for other computer
systems, including Microsoft Windows NT, XP, and Linux. Its main business began
with products that improved the efficiency of IBM mainframe computer systems,
and mainframes continue to account for a significant portion of its sales. It
monitors and manages service levels, improves application responsiveness,
minimizes system outages, automates system maintenance tasks, ensures data
availability, integrity, and recoverability, manages enterprise storage assets
efficiently, increases network performance, and manages business integrated
scheduling, output management, and security.

7.    Boradcom

Broadcom Inc (Broadcom) is an international technology company that
manufactures semiconductors and infrastructure software solutions, including
data center, networking, broadband, enterprise software, wireless, storage and
industrial products. Its products include data center networking, storage,
mainframe and cybersecurity software focusing on automation, enterprise,
monitoring, security, smartphone components, and factory automation. A network
of distributors, contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers
(OEMs), and direct sales forces distribute the company’s products. In addition
to its subsidiaries in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and
Africa, Broadcom has a global presence. Its headquarters are in the United
States, San Jose, California.

8.    Splunk Inc.

A technology company, Splunk Inc. (Splunk), provides network security, IT
operations, and IoT network management solutions. In addition to Splunk Cloud
and Splunk Enterprise, the company also provides Splunk It Service
Intelligence, Splunk On-Call, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, Splunk Insights
for AWS Cloud Monitoring, Splunk App for Infrastructure, Victorops, Splunk
Enterprise Security, Splunk Phantom, and Signalfx Infrastructure Monitoring
services. Additionally, Splunk provides enterprise deployment, virtualization,
technical assessment, and project management services. Splink offers its
products under Splink and Hunk brands. It serves a variety of industries, such
as government, education, financial services, healthcare, retail, telecom, and
non-profit organizations.

9.    Dynatrace

Software intelligence provider Dynatrace Inc (Dynatrace) simplifies
enterprise cloud complexity and accelerates digital transformation by
simplifying enterprise cloud complexity. The company offers cloud, microservice
and container, DevOps, IoT monitoring, digital experiences, application
monitoring, and Davis assistant solutions. Dynatrace develops a software
intelligence platform that provides actionable insights into the performance
and security of a software ecosystem in real-time. The company offers solutions
for various industries, including healthcare, retail, financial markets,
emergency services, transportation, and government agencies. Dynatrace is
headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, the US, and operates in North America,
the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

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