Insulin Delivery Devices Market Growth, Future Prospects & Competitive Analysis, 2016 - 2023


Diabetes is one of the leading lifestyle diseases observed across the world. The key factors assisting the overall growth of insulin delivery market is mounting prevalence of diabetes and rising public awareness related to diabetes management and diagnostics. Insulin plays vital role in maintenance of sugar levels along with the systematic execution of all other physiological and cellular actions. The growing incidence of diabetes around the world is observed due to factors such as increasing prevalence of obesity, and practice of sedentary lifestyle in working population. In addition, technological upgradation and superiority in the novel insulin delivery devices such as insulin inhaler and portable insulin pumps are also assisting the market growth of insulin delivery devices market. Market experts also suggested that the disease incidence rate of diabetes is rapidly increasing especially in children and adults, which is expected to be the boosting factor for global insulin delivery devices industry in the near future.

The insulin delivery devices market on the basis of product type is segmented into jet injectors, syringes, pumps and insulin pens. Insulin syringes are designed for self-administration of doses and have many user-friendly features such as short needles which reduce pain in patients. Insulin pen comprises insulin cartridge, dial and a needle; primarily used with disposable needles for the delivery of insulin doses. The compact design of these devices allows discreet administration of insulin.

The key drivers assisting the overall market growth of insulin delivery devices are increasing awareness related to diabetes management, and mounting issues related to obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of early diagnosis in developing countries. North America is the leading regional market for insulin delivery devices and is trailed by Europe due to the existence of a large number of population suffering with diabetes, and high hospital expenses are forcing diabetes patients to opt for self-injections for home use. The U.S. attributed the largest share for insulin delivery devices market due to rising patient’s inclination towards novel insulin delivery devices and supportive reimbursement scenario. Other countries such as Germany, France, U.K. and Canada are also witnessing high growth in the market. Asia-Pacific insulin delivery devices market was observed as the fastest growing region due to presence of large pool of diabetes patients and rising accessibility of patients towards novel technologies in insulin delivery.

The global insulin delivery devices market is segmented on the following bases:

1.    Type of Device

a.    Insulin Pen

              i.    Reusable Pen

              ii.    Disposable Pen

b.    Insulin Pump

              i.    Traditional Pump

              ii.    Disposable Pump

c.    Insulin Syringes

d.    Insulin Jet Injectors

e.    Insulin Inhalers

2.    Geography

a.    North America

              i.    US

              ii.    Canada

b.    Europe

              i.    UK

              ii.    Germany

              iii.    Spain

              iv.    France

              v.    Italy

              vi.    Rest of Europe

c.    Asia-Pacific

d.    Latin America

e.    Middle East and Africa

Key Players Identified for Insulin Delivery Devices Market Include but are Not Limited to:

Abbott Laboratories, Novo Nordisk A/S, Eli Lilly and Company, Medtronic, Inc., Sanofi S.A., Becton, Dickinson and Company, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd., Insulet Corporation, Ypsomed Holding AG, Animas Corporation, B. Braun Melsungen AG, and others.

This report offers:

  • An overview of the global markets for insulin delivery devices
  • Market trends assessment for the period 2014-2022, with historical information for 2014 & 2015, and projections through 2022, with respective CAGRS during 2016-2022
  • Qualitative assessment tools such as market drivers, challenges and opportunities
  • Market competition scrutiny tools such as market share analysis, fractal map assessment, Porter’s Five Forces model
  • Focus on each level of market segmentation based on product approvals, launch, and current and anticipated market dynamics
  • A general overview of the industry structure
  • Company profiles highlighting key information about the major players operating in the insulin delivery devices market
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