Drugs For Schistosomiasis Market By Drug Type (Artemisinins, Biltricide, Corticosteroids, Metrifonate, Trioxolanes, Praziquantel, Oxamniquine, Others) By Application (Schistosoma Guineensis, Schistosoma Haematobium, Schistosoma Intercalatum, Schistosoma Japonicum, Schistosoma Mansoni, Schistosoma Mekongi) By Distribution Channel (Hospital Pharmacy, Online Pharmacy, Retail Pharmacy)- Growth, Size, Share and Competitive Analysis 2015 – 2027

Market Insights:

Schistosomiasis is an infection people acquire while coming into contact with the water-containing larva of schistosomes. The adult form of worms lives inside humans' intestines and urinary tracts. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 200,000 people die annually from Schistosomiasis. The Drugs for the Schistosomiasis market are estimated to reach USD 103.4 million in 2027 from USD 73.4 million in 2020. The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast timeline.

Drugs for Schistosomiasis Market

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Increasing Incidences of Water Contamination

Schistosomiasis is one of the most commonly found diseases in the world. Schistosomiasis prevalence is higher in tropical and sub-tropical regions across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Parasitic worms mainly spread schistosomiasis. One of the most common ways of Schistosomiasis transmission and subsequent infection is being in contact with water wherein freshwater snails have released parasites in the form of the larva. Fresh water can also be contaminated by people already suffering from Schistosomiasis diseases. With the rising incidence of such contamination, transmission is taking place at a rapid pace.

Increase in Prevalence Rate

Schistosomiasis disease prevalence rate is quite high. Despite significant mortality, Schistosomiasis is one of the most neglected diseases in the world. Prevalence of Schistosomiasis is usually higher in underdeveloped countries on account of poverty, lack of hygiene, inadequate health awareness among people, etc. All over the world, more than 700 million people are vulnerable to being infected with Schistosomiasis. Over 200 million people have been infected with Schistosomiasis across 75 countries, and more than 60% of them have developed the disease.     

Impact of COVID 19

COVID 19 has tumbled the Schistosomiasis drugs market with a sharp decline of over 10% in total revenue generation. Although market size shrunk in 2020, the demand for Schistosomiasis drugs has not declined. The Schistosomiasis market reported a negative growth rate because of the shutdown of production facilities, hurdles in the supply chain, lack of mobility, and stringent restrictions on cross-border trade. However, as the vaccination speed increases, production and demand are likely to be restored gradually.

Drugs for Schistosomiasis Market

The Middle East and Africa Region to Held Dominant Position

With a higher prevalence rate in the world, Middle East & Africa is one of the leading markets of drugs for Schistosomiasis. With more than 75% share in the total number of people generating infection of Schistosomiasis, Africa is the leading consumer of drugs for Schistosomiasis. Lack of health awareness, poverty, and socioeconomic reasons are resulted in neglect toward the risk of being infected with Schistosomiasis. Children and teenagers are most susceptible to the risk of Schistosomiasis development. On the contrary, despite the lower prevalence, the expenditure on drugs for Schistosomiasis is higher in North America and Europe. The Asia Pacific and Latin America also witness considerable Schistosomiasis prevalence next to Africa.     

Praziquantel to Led the Market Growth    

There are a large number of drugs available for the treatment of Schistosomiasis. Some major drugs for Schistosomiasis include but are not limited to Biltricide, Artemisinins, Metrifonate, Oxamniquine, and Praziquantel. However, Praziquantel has been found to be the most effective drug for a broad spectrum of Schistosomiasis diseases to be treated with. It held over 25% share of total revenue generated by all drugs for Schistosomiasis in 2020.

The increasing number of schistosomiasis patients drives the global demand for Drugs for Schistosomiasis.

The improving healthcare facilities in developing countries around the world are increasing the detections of schistosomiasis patients. In addition, increasing pollution in rivers, lakes, and ponds in tropical and sub-tropical countries is breeding grounds for Schistosoma species that cause the infection. Nearly 700 million people live in endemic countries, and it increases the risk of infection. Africa and the Middle East account for a 42.1% share of the total revenue generated by the global Drugs for Schistosomiasis industry.

Research & Development is the Key to Success in the Market           

Some of the most renowned players operating in this industry include Bayer AG, Chandra Bhagat Pharma Ltd, EIPICO, Merck & Co Inc, Pfizer Inc, Par Pharmaceutical Inc, Samarth Pharma Pvt Ltd, Sanofi SA, Shin Poong Pharm Co Ltd, and Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Key players are focusing on research & development as key to success in this industry. First, many players have generated a strong pipeline of drugs for Schistosomiasis. Secondly, market players are infiltrating the industry by developing a deep routed distribution network to reach end-users of the last mile.

Frequently asked questions about global Drugs for Schistosomiasis industry

Drugs for Schistosomiasis market has been impacted notably with decline in market size by 10%. COVID 19 affected the production, logistics and distribution of drugs for Schistosomiasis resulting into significant losses for the industry participants

Major players mapped in the report include but not limited to the Bayer AG, Chandra Bhagat Pharma Ltd, EIPICO, Merck & Co Inc and Pfizer Inc.

Hospital’s segment is marching at a rapid pace and likely to keep its dominance over the forecast period

Middle East & Africa was leading geographic market for the drugs for Schistosomiasis, reason being the highest prevalence rate of Schistosomiasis in the region

The global Drugs for Schistosomiasis market report provide CAGR of 5.6% from 2021 to 2027

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