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Global Technical Textiles Market

Global Technical Textiles Market Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Trends, Growth and Industry Forecast To 2022
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Published Date: March 2016
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Worldwide technical textiles market volume was evaluated at 143 billion US dollars in 2014. Growth of the automobile sector, specifically in the evolving markets of the Middle East region, Asia Pacific region and Latin America, is predicted to drive the growth and expansion of the global technical textiles market. Technical textiles are used for safety, rubber items, floor coverings, balance, insulating items, protective gear and composites in automobiles.

These textiles are known for their superior characteristics over their traditional equivalents and are utilized for specific functionalities. Characteristics and features like superior technical performance, higher strength, and versatility make them desirable for commercial, domestic, and industrial use.

The worldwide technical textiles market features large research and development investments made by market players that have resulted in novel products and innovations. In addition, main market players have been taking enthusiastic steps to create new applications in terms of customer demand and provisions. These market trends are predicted to encourage the growth and expansion of the worldwide technical textiles market during the estimated period.

Technical textiles encompass changing ranks used for different uses and applications. Such versatility is understood to supplement the business industry due to the wide-scale adoption of technical textiles across many industries. However, high raw material prices are predicted to remain the main challenge for industry players.

Large-scale adoption of Geotextiles is assumed to provide enormous opportunities to the market players during the estimated period. Developing regions like Latin America and APAC region are predicted to experience rapid technical textile adoption across various industrial sectors.

Nations like Brazil, China, and India are predicted to lead their respective regional market sectors. Such a market trend in the emerging regions offers many opportunities for development, expansion, and growth of the global technical textiles market.

Technical Textiles Market By Technology:

Yarns, fibers, and filaments are the key items used in producing technical textiles. Many technologies involved in producing technical textiles include 3D knitting, 3D weaving, handmade techniques, heat set methods, finishing treatments, thermoforming and nanotechnology. 3D weaving, thermoforming, and 3D knitting are the most commonly used techniques. New innovative techniques like nanotechnology are predicted to observe large-scale adoption of technical textiles during the estimated period. It provides a large scope for the global technical textiles market’s growth, development, and expansion.

Thermoforming in the textile industry is a heat treatment procedure that is used to shape composites containing fabric layers into different shapes. This technique is widely accepted in packtech, Indutech, Hometech, and Mobiltech sections. 3D weaving is a procedure used to produce items like spacer fabrics, surgical implants, Geotextiles, conveyor belts and webbings.

3D knitting technique is used to produce complete clothes with minimum or no cutting. This new technique annihilates post manual work and thus saves manufacturing costs as well as the time of production. Further, this new technique provides knitwear customers with more comfort and better fit by eradicating seams. A heat set procedure is a thermal procedure carried out either in a dry heat climate or in a moist climate. Finishing treatments are utilized in the final manufacturing phases.

Technical Textiles Market By End Use:

The industry is bifurcated into 11 sectors, mainly Indutech, Sportech, Buildtech, Agrotech, Meditech, Mobiltech, Hometech, Clothtech, Packtech, and Protech. Mobiltech led the worldwide technical textiles market in the current past, succeeded by Indutech. This market trend is predicted to continue during the forecasted period. Buildtech and Meditech are predicted to be rapidly growing sections in the future.

Growing expenditure on infrastructure, particularly in the emerging geographical locations of Central America, the APAC region and South America, are supposed to be key regional drivers in the future owing to favorable government policies, government proactiveness, government financial support, government assistance, and a conducive environment favorable for the growth of the technical textiles business industry in this region. Furthermore, the increasing population combined with growing access to medical treatment is predicted to stimulate the pharmaceutical & medical business, which in turn is predicted to aid the Meditech section.

Technical Textiles Market By Region:

The technical textiles market of the APAC region has led the worldwide technical textiles industry and is predicted to maintain its dominance in the future. It is predicted to contribute more than forty-five percent of the market share to the total market consumption by 2022. On the other hand, the North American market share is predicted to decline minimally during the estimated period due to end-use market saturation.

Developing economies like Brazil, China and India are predicted to observe rapid expansion and growth in the technical textiles market. As a result, these regions are supposed to lead the global technical textiles market in the future. Supportive government initiatives and cooperative business policies that motivate spending on infrastructure, production, and the medical sector are estimated to play a vital role in shaping the business future of these developing regions.

Competitive Landscape:

The business sector is highly divided with various prominent market players involved in forming associations, collaborations, and partnerships with other firms. Many firms are also involved in mergers & acquisitions to grow their manufacturing ability and increase their product portfolio. Firms like Avintiv have raised their item costs as well as acquired Duonor S.A.S. Such tactical steps are taken to match the item demand and acquire a significant share in the global technical textiles market by combining new techniques and abilities.

This market report’s key industry players profiled include Avintiv, Ibena Textilewerke GmbH, Kusumgar Corporates, E.I du Pont de Numours & Company, 3M, , Maccaferri, SRF, Johnson & Johnson, Ahlstrom, Procter & Gamble, SKAPS, Kimberley Clark Corporation and Strata Geosystems (India) Private Limited

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the size of Global Technical Textiles Market?

The market for Global Technical Textiles Market is expected to reach XX in 2022

What is the Global Technical Textiles Market CAGR?

The Global Technical Textiles Market is expected to see significant CAGR growth over the coming years, at XX%.

What is the Forecast period considered for Global Technical Textiles Market?

The report is forecasted to 2022.

What is the base year considered for Global Technical Textiles Market?

The base year of this report is 2021.

Who are the major players in this market?

Avintiv, Ibena Textilewerke GmbH, Kusumgar Corporates, E.I du Pont de Numours & Company, 3M, Maccaferri, SRF, Johnson & Johnson are some of the major players in the global market.

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