Luxury Sanitary Napkins Market by Type (Dry Mesh Sanitary Napkins, Cotton Soft Type Sanitary Napkins, Cotton Sanitary Napkins) by Distribution Channel (Supermarkets, Retail Outlets, Medical Stores, Online Stores)- Global Industry Overview, Market Intelligence, Future Prospects And Competitive Analysis, 2016 - 2028

Luxury Sanitary Napkins Market Analysis

The feminine hygiene products market is huge and growing every day. The market is segmented into different hygiene products, from sanitary napkins/pads, tampons, menstrual cups, panty liners, and other products. So far, sanitary napkins dominate the market for feminine hygiene products and are the most produced and used product globally.

The luxury sanitary napkins market is expected to grow in the next forecast period. When the Covid-19 pandemic first emerged, most governments worldwide announced lockdowns and the pausing of consumer goods manufacturing. However, because sanitary napkins are essential items, their production was soon allowed, and there was only a small setback.


Luxury sanitary napkins have dominated the market for several reasons, the most important being that they provide a lot more variety and comfort for women than lower-quality sanitary napkins. For example, luxury products offer various features such as wings, different absorbency levels, scented options, and more. Additionally, luxury brands are able to make sanitary napkins that do not use harmful chemicals, dyes, and other irritants. Organic materials being used are better for the health of the vagina and vulva and are also biodegradable and compostable.

Global Luxury Sanitary Napkins Market is expected to register moderate CAGR of around 4.45% during the forecast period. The revenue generated by the global Luxury Sanitary Napkins industry in 2021 was around USD 4,269.58 million whereas it is most likely to garner revenue of around USD 6,000.40 million in 2028. On the other hand, the cumulative revenue generation by the global Luxury Sanitary Napkins industry was around USD 37 billion for span of next seven years i.e. between 2022 and 2028.

Interesting Facts about Luxury Sanitary Napkins Industry

  • Almost 300 million women/girls menstruate every single day
  • In India, less that 20% menstruating women use sanitary napkins
  • Availability of tampons and menstrual cups is major threat for the growth of sanitary napkins
  • Europe is leading regional market for Luxury Sanitary Napkins
  • There is huge growth potential in emerging and underdeveloped countries where less than 20% women have access to sanitary napkins

Increasing Menstrual Health Awareness to Drive the Demand for Luxury Sanitary Napkins    

The biggest drivers to the luxury sanitary napkins market include the increasing awareness regarding menstrual health, innovations in product quality, government awareness campaigns, environmental awareness, and rising disposable incomes.

The Asia Pacific region holds the significant market share for sanitary napkins. While menstrual hygiene is still somewhat of a taboo subject in the region, many governments have launched campaigns for personal hygiene, which has contributed to the increase in demand for sanitary napkins. Those consumers in the region with higher disposable incomes demand imported luxury sanitary napkins rather than locally produced lower quality alternatives.

The most significant driver to the luxury sanitary napkins market is that luxury sanitary napkins use safer organic materials as opposed to the conventional sanitary napkins made from synthetic, carcinogenic ingredients such as dioxin rayon and allergy-provoking metal dyes. Many women are wary of conventional sanitary napkins because of the fear of contaminants and other risks to the vaginal area that they pose. The luxury sanitary napkins made from organic cotton are also biodegradable and compostable. This is a huge achievement in reducing the negative environmental impacts of sanitary waste disposal.

Availability of Alternatives to Arrest the Growth of Luxury Sanitary Napkins

There are a few restraints to the luxury sanitary napkins market that we can consider. The first is the competition between different feminine hygiene products. Many women have shifted from using sanitary napkins to other products like tampons and menstrual cups. This is especially the case in the North American and European regions.

The next considerable restraint is that many women worldwide do not have access to basic feminine hygiene products. Many believe that until this bridge has been gapped, there should not be any focus on the production of luxury varieties of sanitary napkins. Menstrual products are a necessity, not a luxury.

Focus on Effective Market Channel to Increase Market Penetration

Bodyform, Carefree, ElisMegami, HelenHarper, KleanNara, Kotex, Laurier, Natracare, Organyc, Sofy, Stayfree, Unicharm and Whisper are some of the leading players operating in global Luxury Sanitary Napkins market. Prominent players are investing considerable amount of money on marketing and promotional activities in order to realize higher market penetration.

Europe to Lead the Demand for Luxury Sanitary Napkins

Global Luxury Sanitary Napkins market is lead by Europe with over 30% share in total revenue generated in 2021. Higher menstrual health awareness, greater spending power, penetration of distribution channels, etc. are some of the major factors fueling the growth of Luxury Sanitary Napkins in the region. Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Nordic Countries, etc. are leading the demand for Luxury Sanitary Napkins in the region. Whereas, North America is closely following Europe. U.S. being the single largest market in the region held over 80% share in total revenue in 2021 in the region. On the other hand, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are major markets for Luxury Sanitary Napkins in Asia Pacific.

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Frequently asked questions about global Luxury Sanitary Napkins industry

Like other industries, Luxury Sanitary Napkins market also suffered from COVID 19 pandemic which resulted into decline of over 8.16% in revenue generated in 2020

Europe is the largest regional market with highest share in the total volume of Luxury Sanitary Napkins consumed in 2021

Growing menstrual health awareness coupled with rising women population is driving the demand for Luxury Sanitary Napkins

Dry Mesh Sanitary Napkins segment dominated the Luxury Sanitary Napkins market in 2021 with over 35% share

Supermarkets segment was the largest Distribution Channel of Luxury Sanitary Napkins in 2021 with over 55% share

Luxury Sanitary Napkins Report Scope

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