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Case Sealers Market by Type (Random Sealers, Uniform Sealers) by Technology (Automatic, Semi- automatic, Fully automatic) by Application (Food and beverages packaging, Pharmaceuticals packaging, Electronics packaging, Agricultural packaging, Consumer Goods, Others) - Growth, Future Prospects And Competitive Analysis, 2016 - 2028

Case sealers are mechanical devices that apply pressure to tape for sealing corrugated boxes. Case sealers thus have many applications in all sorts of industries, particularly the agriculture, electronics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.


The Global Case Sealers market will witness a CAGR of 4.87% during the forecast period. The revenue generated by the global Case Sealers market in 2021 was over USD 392.32 million and is expected to generate revenue worth USD 576.80 million in 2028. Therefore, the incremental growth opportunity offered by the global Case Sealers is estimated to be USD 3.520 million between 2022 and 2028.   

Interesting Facts about Case Sealers Industry

  • The average cost of a case sealer is around USD 1,000 to USD 1,500
  • The average work life of a case sealer is 10 to 12 years
  • Food & Beverage Industry Dominate the Demand for Case Sealers
  • The Asia Pacific holds the largest share of over 35%
  • Case sealers are growing in demand at a rapid pace in China

Robust Growth of the Packaging Industry

Food and beverages packaging, Pharmaceuticals packaging, Electronics packaging, Agricultural Packaging, Consumer Goods, and Others are major application markets for the case sealer industry. Packaging is critical to the manufacturing process as it helps to keep products safe and ensure more accessible transport. Different packing methods have been developed worldwide according to numerous other product specifications. Package sealing is essential for confirming that end products are packed as required. Therefore, case sealers have wide applications in the packaging process for sealing corrugated boxes.

Managers and executives must pay more attention to automatic packaging solutions for case sealing since the packaging is a crucial component of product quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, since manual packaging is labor-intensive and slow, it makes financial sense to switch to automatic case sealer machines.

Several factors will drive the growth of the case sealer market. The increasing population size and its growing health requirements will be a key driving factor. Also, governments, manufacturers, and consumers are becoming more scrupulous about product packaging since it keeps products safe and prevents the spread of infection. Increasing requirements of healthcare policies are also driving the expansion of the case sealer market.

Mounting Demand for Advanced Technology in Packaging Industry

Random Sealers and Uniform Sealers are significant types of case sealers. Each of them can be further segmented into Automatic, Semi-automatic, and fully automatic based on technology. In developing nations, the increased industrial activities are directly affecting the rise of the packaging industry. In addition, the latest concepts like smart factories require the application of advanced packaging solutions. This will further fuel the growth of the case sealer market.

Even among case sealers, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic case sealers. Packages are fed to the case sealing machine via a conveyor belt in the fully automated case sealer.         

There are several benefits to fully automated case sealers that will drive the growth of this industry.

The chief driving factor is the increased speed of operations. Since case package sealers can operate at far greater rates than human workers, case package sealing machines, especially the fully automatic variety, can help organizations use them differently. They can speed up the pace of production and bring down production costs. Speeding the production rate can help with quick order fulfillment and will thus be a key driving factor.

Another significant benefits that will increase the adoption of fully automatic sealers are uniform packaging. The same level of high-quality control can be applied to all products. This is yet another critical driving factor.

North America Held Considerable Share in 2021

North America is among the most significant users of case sealers. This is partly due to the strict requirements of the FDA, which drives the demand for better packaging solutions. However, there are also significant markets in Asia and western Europe. The Asia Pacific region will see a rising need for case sealers due to more extraordinary industrial activities, increased healthcare awareness, and more lavish government spending. This will create more opportunities for case sealer manufacturers operating in these areas. In addition, Africa and the Middle East also have a sizable demand for case sealers.

Global Case Sealers Market is dominated by major players, including 3M, ABC Packaging Machine Corp., Atlantic Packaging, Combi Packaging Systems, Endoline, Lantech, Loveshaw, Marq Packaging Systems, SWF Companies, Wexxar, and Others. 

Frequently asked questions about global Case Sealers industry

Likewise other industries, COVID 19 also taken a toll on Case Sealers market with around 9.86% decline in its revenue in 2020 as compare to 2019

Asia Pacific is the largest regional market with highest share in the total revenue generation of Case Sealers consumed in 2021

Ever increasing packaging market across the world is primary market growth driver for the global Case Sealers market

Automatic segment dominated the Case Sealers market in 2021 with over 45% share

Food & Beverage was the largest application of Case Sealers in 2021 with over 30% share

Case Sealers Report Scope

Report Attribute Details
Market Value in 2021 USD 392.32 million
Market Value in 2028 USD 576.80 million
CAGR 4.87% between 2021 and 2028
Benchmarking Year 2021
Past data 2016 – 2021
Forecast period 2022 – 2028
Segments covered


Random Sealers

Uniform Sealers



Semi- automatic

Fully automatic


Food and beverages packaging

Pharmaceutical’s packaging

Electronics packaging

Agricultural packaging

Consumer Goods


Major Players Analysed 3M, ABC Packaging Machine Corp., Atlantic Packaging, Combi Packaging Systems, Endoline, Lantech, Loveshaw, Marq Packaging Systems, SWF Companies, Wexxar and Others
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