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Laboratory Filtration Market Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Trends, Growth and Industry Forecast To 2020


Technical developments, growing use of filtration technologies in biotechnology and drug discovery and development, clinical laboratories has assisted the laboratory filtration market to achieve impressive growth rate. Laboratory filtration solutions are used in processes drug screening, DNA and protein separation, cell culture, and other separation and filtration processes. Growing biopharmaceutical research activities and urge for rapid drug commercialization are the prime drivers of laboratory filtration market.

Membrane filters are the widest used laboratory filtration solution followed by microplates and filter papers. Large scale use of membrane filtration in sample preparation, sterilization, solution filtration, venting, gas filtration, and other such applications have urged the growth of membrane filtration segment. Microfiltration finds application in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, biopharmaceuticals industries. Processes that involve rapid immobilization and selection of purified or unfractionated proteins find large-scale use of microfiltration and ultrafiltration techniques. Among the end-users, biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals segment currently dominates this market.

The global laboratory filtration market is segmented on the following bases:

1.    Technology

a.    Microfiltration

b.    Reverse Osmosis

c.    Ultrafiltration

d.    Vacuum Filtration

e.    Nanofiltration

2.    Equipment

a.    Filtration Assemblies

i.    Microfiltration Assemblies

ii.    Reverse Osmosis Assemblies

iii.    Ultrafiltration Assemblies

iv.    Vacuum Filtration Assemblies

v.    Others

b.    Filtration Media

i.    Filter Papers

ii.    Membrane Filters

iii.    Syringe Filters

iv.    Syringeless Filters

v.    Capsule Filters

vi.    Filtration Microplates

vii.    Others

c.    Accessories

3.    End-Users

a.    Pharmaceuticals

b.    Academics

c.    Food and Beverage Industry

d.    Diagnostics

4.    Geography

a.    North America

i.    US

ii.    Canada

b.    Europe

i.    UK

ii.    Germany

iii.    Rest of Europe

c.    Asia-Pacific

i.    Japan

ii.    China

iii.    Rest of APAC

d.    Latin America

e.    Middle East and Africa

Key players identified for laboratory filtration market include but are not limited to:

Merck Millipore, Pall Corporation, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sartorius Group, 3M & Company, Cantel Medical Group and severalothers

This report offers:

  • An overview of the global markets forlaboratory filtration
  • Market trends assessment for the period 2014-2022, with historical information for 2014 & 2015, and projections through 2022, with respective CAGRS during 2016-2022
  • Qualitative assessment tools such as market drivers, challenges and future prospects, major commercial events, etc.
  • Market competition scrutiny tools such as market share analysis, attractive investment proposition, and Porter’s Five Forces model
  • Focus on each level of market segmentation based on product approvals, launch, and current and anticipated market dynamics
  • A general overview of the industry structure
  • Company profiles highlighting key information about the major players operating in the laboratory filtration market
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