U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment Market by Welding Method (Electric Socket, Ultrasonic, Hot Plate, Spin, Hot Gas, Extrusion, Injection, High Frequency, Laser, Others (Induction, Solvent etc.)) by Materials (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-Styrene (ABS), Polycarbonate (PC), Polyethylene (PE), Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET), Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Others) – Ukraine War, Future Prospects And Competitive Analysis, 2016 - 2028

U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment market has generated revenue of over USD 779.77 million in 2021. It is expected to exhibit CAGR of over 5.21% during the forecast period to reach over USD 1,164.49 million by the end of 2028. While, cumulative growth opportunity offered by the U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment market stood above USD 7.07 billion for the analysis period ranging between 2022 to 2028.


Interesting Facts about Plastic Welding Equipment Industry

  • Plastic Welding Market has been reached to multibillion dollar value by the end of 2021
  • Plastic Welding Equipment’s market is highly fragmented with the presence of large number of players across the world
  • Thermoplastic products can be welded using various methods
  • Major application of plastic welding is repair of polyolefin tanks and PE and PP pipe sections
  • Heat, pressure and cooling are three important phases of plastic welding

Myriad of Benefits offered by Plastic Welding along with Availability of Wide-Ranging Welding Methods

One of the major factors driving the market growth is availability of wide array of plastic welding methods in the industry. Large number of options avails plastic welding across various applications irrespective of the size and precision required. For instance, hot plate welding is suited majorly for joining larger thermoplastic parts, which becomes a difficult task in the case of ultrasonic welding. Similarly, ultrasonic welding is suitable for thin and smaller parts. Thus, emergence of numerous plastic welding methods has played a crucial role in development of the overall plastic welding equipment market. Apart from this, the market is also driven by the superior advantages of plastic welding over most of the aspects of conventional plastics manufacturing methods. Some of the major advantages offered by plastic welding equipment include:

  • Easy manufacturing based on three prominent steps viz. heat, pressure and cooling
  • Higher speed and better precision
  • Reduced overall set up time as more than one items can be welded simultaneously
  • Plastic welding equipment enable uniform application of heat and pressure leading to well-finished objects
  • Wide array of plastic welding methods allowing manufacturing product across different applications Exceptional strength and reduced cycle time

Ultrasound Plastic Welding Equipment Method to Dominate the market

Welding Method, Electric Socket, Ultrasonic, Hot Plate, Spin, Hot Gas, Extrusion, Injection, High Frequency, Laser and Others (Induction, Solvent etc.) are some of the major welding methods used in Plastic Welding Equipment. Ultrasound Plastic Welding Equipment accounted for over a quarter of share in total revenue generation in 2021. While, Laser Plastic Welding Equipment is anticipated to witness rapid gain in its market share over the forecast period. Laser plastic welding widely being used across the world in various applications and growth rate of laser welding is rapid. On the other hand, electronic socket Plastic Welding Equipment methos is likely to experience a sharp decline in its market share as compare to the methods during the analysis period.

Limitations of Plastic Welding to Arrest Growth of Plastic Welding Equipment Market

Despite of several benefits offered by plastic welding, the method has various limitations associated with operational efficiency, inability to weld 3D joints, inability to joint two different plastic materials, etc. This in turn presenting serious challenge to the growth of plastic welding and thus equipment’s market too.

Slow Yet Steady Growth of Plastic Manufacturing to Drive Demand for Plastic Welding Equipment

Despite of environmental concerns and increasingly stringent regulations of manufacturing and consumption of plastic products, the demand for plastic is growth at slow yet steady pace in the country. U.S. has been remained on of the major markets for plastic products. There are more than 1,600 plastic manufacturing facilities in U.S. as of now. This in turn expected to drive the demand for Plastic Welding Equipment in the years to come in U.S. 

Highly U.S. Fragmented Plastic Welding Equipment Market

Emerson Electric Co., Dukane Corp., Leister Technologies AG, CEMAS Elettra Srl, Ritmo SpA, bielomatik GmbH, Drader Manufacturing, Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Delvie's Plastics Inc., and Welwyn Tool Group Ltd. Are some of the leading players in U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment market. U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment in U.S. is highly fragmented. Major players are focused on offering most innovative products for efficient operation of plastic welding. While, market share consolidation via organic as well as inorganic growth strategies has been remained primary focus of Plastic Welding Equipment manufacturers in the country.

Frequently asked questions about U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment industry

Like other industries, Plastic Welding Equipment market also suffered from COVID 19 pandemic which resulted into decline of over 10.28% in revenue generated in 2020

Limitations of Plastic Welding Equipment is major hurdle for the growth of Plastic Welding Equipment

Growing popularity of Plastic Welding Equipment coupled with rising adoption due to several advantages offered by Plastic Welding Equipment

Ultrasound segment dominated the Plastic Welding Equipment market in 2021 with over 25% share

PET segment was the largest application of Plastic Welding Equipment in 2021 with over 25% share

U.S. Plastic Welding Equipment Report Scope

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Market Value in 2021 USD 779.77 million
Market Value in 2028 USD 1,164.49 million
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Forecast period 2022 – 2028
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