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Europe Carpet Market Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Trends, Growth and Industry Forecast To 2022

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Market Overview:

The Europe carpet market was evaluated at 665.69 million square meters in 2014. Growing expenditure on infrastructure growth in Germany owing to the growing amount of building stocks that include apartments is predicted to support and enhance the demand for housing interiors during the estimated period.

Carpets are utilized in industrial, residential, and commercial sectors because of their dust-binding properties and noise-minimizing properties. They are also available in various volumes and can be used to cover a floor section. In addition, these carpets are also utilized to cover the walls, specifically in logistic transport. Further, the integration of decorative characteristics comprising Persian and Turkish paintings by carpet producers is predicted to support their utilization in residences.

Carpeting substances are utilized in wall covering and flooring of commercial & defense aircraft as they offer long life, comfort, and aesthetic features to these aircraft. Development of the aviation segment of Europe owing to growing spending by NATO nations on manufacturing defense aircraft is predicted to play a vital role in growing the size of the Europe carpet market. The growing the other hand, the growing reputation of laminate flooring substances and wood in business & residential uses due to their high durability property is predicted to hinder the demand and growth of the Europe carpet market.

Growing consciousness about the advantages of using eco-friendly substances in floor covering production is predicted to create new avenues for future growth and expansion of the Europe carpet marketecture. Carpets are advertised through internet shopping and catalogs, furniture stores & few department stores that maintain carpets. Big box discount stores and home centers are predicted to remain important channels for running promotional activities and events.

Europe Carpet Market By Raw Materials:

The Europe carpet market by raw materials is divided into nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.Nylon was the key raw material utilized by a large chunk of the population of Europe. Nylon contributed about 40% to the total share of the Europe carpet market during 2014 in terms of volume. Producers are predicted to continue using nylon as a raw material owing to its exceptional resistance to oil and outstanding retention of texture. Polyester is predicted to experience good growth during the forecasted period in terms of volume. The reason for this growth is its lower costs compared to other raw materials.

The demand for polypropylene crossed 159.59 million square meters during the year 2014. It is a raw material for producing flooring substances owing to its good bleaching characteristics/features. In addition, other raw substances like yarn, wool, and cotton are predicted to produce more than 94.6 million square meters of industry size by the end of the estimated period.

Europe Carpet Market By Product:

The Europe carpet market by products is divided into knotted carpets, woven carpets, and tufted carpets. Tufted carpets led the Europe carpet market during the year 2014. It contributed more than 40% to the total market share of the Europe carpet market during the year 2014 in terms of volume. Adhesives, as well as other pigment substances, are used in these carpets to increase the mechanical strength of the fiber. Further, these carpets can be shaped into various shapes and textures. This provides a way for producers to create these items.

Knotted carpets are predicted to observe rapid growth during the estimated period in terms of volume due to their high durability property compared to other products. Furthermore, during the last few years, technical modernization for the growth of these products is predicted to create new avenues for business in the European market. These novel and innovative technological breakthroughs and advancements will minimize the lead time, and this aspect will contribute to the future demand, growth, and expansion of the Europe carpet market.

Europe Carpet Market By Application:

The Europe carpet market by application is divided into nonresidential and residential applications.

The residential applications section accounted for more than 50% of the total share of the European market during the year 2014 in terms of size. It is predicted to experience heavy growth and expansion due to enhancement in the European continent’s housing segment of countries like Russia and Turkey. High industrial visibility of soft flooring items owing to their good insulation features is predicted to positively affect the Europe carpet market.

The key presence of strategic business units of pharmaceutical & chemical industries in European countries like the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Russia is anticipated to propel the demand and growth of the Europe carpet market. The reason for this is the heavy utilization of carpets as flooring substances in production units, commercial firms, and nonresidential offices across Europe.

Improved aesthetics and insulation properties of these carpets have led to their extensive use in Europe’s commercial, nonresidential, and industrial sectors in the last few years. This trend is predicted to continue in the coming years.

Other applications of the Europe carpet market include automobile applications and aerospace applications. Both these applications combined contributed more than 30 million square meters to the total share of the application section of the Europe carpet market in terms of volume during the year 2014. Furthermore, the growth of the automobile section in countries like the UK, Germany, and Spain, owing to its enhanced domestic use, is projected to increase the use of flooring substances in the interiors of vehicles during the estimated span.

Europe Carpet Market By Country:

Germany was the biggest contributor to the total market share of the Europe carpet market during 2014. This year, it contributed more than 25% to the total market share of the European market in terms of volume. Improved infrastructure facilities comprising commercial offices, rented buildings, residential flats, and manufacturing sites in Germany are predicted to lead to its further dominance of the Europe carpet market.

The UK used more than 99.6 million square meters of carpet in 2014. However, it is predicted to face competition due to its growing property costs and real estate or land costs leading to the country’s slow growth in the building & construction sector.

Lucrative business growth and market growth avenues available in the building & construction sector in Eastern European nations like Russia and Turkey are predicted to fuel the growth & expansion of the Europe carpet market. Current carpet producers in turkey are predicted to experience growth in their sales and revenues owing to the improved infrastructure growth observed in the country during the last few years.

Key market players involved in the carpet business in Europe and included in the Europe carpet market report are as follows:

  • Egetæpper A/S
  • Royal Carpet SA
  • Ibrahim Tekin
  • Radici Pietro Industries & Brands S.p.A.
  • Balta Group
  • Ruckstuhl AG
  • Fletch Carpets A/S
  • Agnella SA
  • Brintons Carpets
  • Associated Weavers International Group NV
  • Tarkett SAS
  • Hammer Tæpper A/S
  • Primrose Mill Carpets Limited
  • Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH
  • MoquetasRols SA
  • Koyunlu AS
  • Dekowe GmbH & Co.KG
  • Creatuft NV
  • Mohawk Industries Incorporation
  • DuPont

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of Europe Carpet Market?

The market for Europe Carpet is expected to reach USD XX 2022.

What is the Europe Carpet Market CAGR?

The Europe Carpet market is expected to see significant CAGR growth over the coming years, at XX%.

What is the Forecast period considered for Europe Carpet Market?

The report is forecasted to 2022.

What is the base year considered for Europe Carpet Market?

The base year of this report is 2021.

Who are the major players in this market?

Egetæpper A/S, Royal Carpet SA, Ibrahim Tekin, Radici Pietro Industries & Brands S.p.A., Balta Group, Ruckstuhl AG, Fletco Carpets A/S, Agnella SA, Brintons Carpets, Associated Weavers International Group NV, Tarkett SAS are some of the major players in the global market.

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