Premium Frying Oil Market by Type (Canola Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Peanut Oil, Avocado) by Distribution Channel (Online, Hypermarket/Supermarkets, Retailers, Others) : Global Industry Size, Share, Statistics and Forecast 2015 - 2027

Premium Frying Oil Market Analysis

The premium frying oil market will register a high growth rate due to the health benefits of vegetable oils and the rapid growth of the processed food industry. Also, the growing size of the world’s population means that the demand for premium frying oil will continue to rise in the next decade.


Oilseeds comprise one of the fastest-growing agricultural sectors and are one of the most widely traded commodities globally.

Vegetable oil is obtained by crushing oilseeds and is used mainly in culinary applications.

Over the past few decades, traditional diets have been modified, due to which more vegetable oils are being used worldwide. The premium frying oil market will thus expand steadily over the next few years.

The global Premium Frying Oil market is expected to witness a CAGR of 7.07% during the forecast period. The revenue generated by the global Premium Frying Oil market in 2020 was over USD 14,061.52 million and is expected to generate revenue worth USD 25,427.66 million in 2027. Therefore, the incremental growth opportunity offered by the global Premium Frying Oil is estimated to be USD 149 billion between 2021 and 2027.    

Interesting Facts about Premium Frying Oil Industry

  • Canola, Avocado, and Olive Oils are considered as most premium frying oils
  • Premium Frying Oil lends an astonishing boost to the fried food
  • Premium Frying Oil is sometimes also used as an alternative to liquid butter
  • Olive and Canola oils contain the lowest level of linoleic acid
  • S., Italy, France, UK, and Germany are leading markets for Premium Frying Oil

String Demand from America

Vegetable oils are being increasingly used for industrial applications as well. One of the most important applications is biofuel production. The U.S. and South America currently dominate the global production of soybeans. Malaysia and Indonesia continue to be top producers of palm oil. Australia and Canada are the major producers of canola oil.

Besides the U.S., other key players in the premium frying oil market are the EU, India, Argentina, China, and Brazil. From the demand perspective, China is one of the biggest consumers of vegetable oils, and it thus has a major influence on oilseed prices.

The Asia Pacific region is a significant consumer of vegetable oils. The rapidly expanding population, increased demand for biodiesel, urban expansion, and increasing non-food industrial applications are the critical reasons for the growth of the premium frying oil market.

A little over half of the world’s population is present in Asia. The massive population base and increasing income levels boost the demand for premium frying oils. Palm oil production is rapidly increasing due to growing palm tree plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia. Canola, soybean, and palm oil are commonly used in Asia.

Asia is also a major producer of groundnut, coconut, cottonseed, and palm kernel oil. As a result, the Asia Pacific region is the second biggest producer of oilseeds globally.

Besides olive oil, other major vegetable oils, including coconut oil, palm kernel, sesame, corn, sunflower, cotton, canola, groundnut, palm, and soybean oil, have a significant share in the premium frying oil market.

In Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, oleo-chemical usage and biofuels are responsible for a significant part of vegetable oil consumption. Government regulations are driving the demand for biodiesel consumption. In addition, petroleum is being increasingly substituted by palm oil to enhance sustainability and biodegradability.

The demand for premium vegetable oils is increasing in the industrial and food markets. Hence, premium frying oil will continue to have increased demand over the next decade.

In developed nations, some of the biggest vegetable oil producers undergo vertical integration to improve their control over the supply chain. In the European market, suppliers are increasingly shifting to specialty products. Online, Hypermarket/Supermarkets, Retailers, and Others are some of the major distribution channels of Premium Frying Oil. Supermarkets and retailers dominate the sales of Premium Frying Oil with over 60% share in 2020.

Calyxt, Cargill, Wilmar International Limited, Borges International Group, Bunge Limited, Deoleo, Sunrora Foods, Archer Daniels Midland Company, and COFCO Group are some of the leading players in the global Premium Frying Oil market.

Frequently asked questions about global Premium Frying Oil industry

Likewise other industries, COVID 19 also taken a toll on Premium Frying Oil market with around 11.84% decline in 2020 in its revenue as compare to 2019

North America is the largest regional market with highest share in the total volume of Premium Frying Oil consumed in 2020

Ever increasing demand for healthier food and growing health awareness among end-users

Canola oil segment dominated the Premium Frying Oil market in 2020 with over 15% share in 2020

Supermarkets and retailers are collectively holding largest shareof Premium Frying Oil in 2020

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